Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Hostess Gift

This past weekend was super busy and filled with dinner parties we had to attend.

I ventured to make a hostess gift for a change rather than buying something already prepared or baking. I used items I had on hand in my house so I wouldn't have to make a trip to the store with multiple kids (a trip that I always try to avoid). I found some corked topped spice jars in my 'empty containers' box and raided my herb stash. It helps to be an herbalist when looking for more 'exotic' type herbs and such. After looking over my spice and herb options I chose to include hibiscus petals, black lava salt (infused with activated charcoal), and calendula.

I thought the hostess might need some recipes to go along with these herbal options to really appreciate them too; Grilled Halibut with Black Lave Salt; Calendula Breakfast Eggs; and Simply Healthful Coach's very own Hibiscus Lemonade recipe. I used circle-shaped black chalk board labels that I cut in half to fit on the bottles.

In the end, I was wanting it! Even though all of these items are here at my disposal they don't seem as fun as when I put them together. Typical, right?

Thought all of you might enjoy the idea. You can find most of these items HERE.

1 comment:

Darleen said...

I love this idea! So great. Whats the step by step of the ratio to items or recipe of spices? Such a cute gift!

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