Monday, December 10, 2012

e-cloth Mop Review

Recently, I ventured to add something new to my cleaning repertoire, an e-cloth deep clean mop. I have been using e-cloth kitchen wash clothes for a few months and have liked them, especially their anti-bacteria kitchen cloth, so I thought I would give their mop a try too.

Is it weird that when I first got the mop I made sure that I mopped my floor nearly everyday? Not because I needed to but for the ease of using it. It is an add water only product - then use. No chemicals. I love that. The mop has an adjustable handle that makes for easy storage, as well as, adjustable to a person's height. I personally am shorter than the average, and love that feature. The fibers from the cloth surprisingly work well in cleaning spills and dirt. Overall, I am a happy customer.

I might add that I have laminate flooring and could see the mop working really well with flooring similar to that. It would be interesting to test it out on tile and grout.

Now for the fun part! We have a special treat from e-cloth to you. For Simply Healthful readers from now until December 31st of this year you can get 20% off your purchase at e-cloth. Perfect for the gift giving season! During your purchase use the code SimplyHealthful20% to receive your discount. Happy shopping!


The Hojnackes said...

I would love to know how this works on tile and grout. I despise cleaning my floors! This would have been perfect back when we lived in a house with laminate floors.

Marleen said...

I completely feel you on despising cleaning floors. You are welcome to try out mine:-)

House Cleaning San Antonio said...

If you have windows or stainless appliances you have to have these cloths, they save time and money!!! They get the job done the first time you do it!

Mama Lahr said...

I was just at a Norwex party today and was considering their mop. After getting online to do some research, I found e-cloth. Once seeing the price difference, well, let's say I'm taking a closer look at e-cloth! Here's my predicament. We have dark laminate flooring throughout the house. Anytime we use our current mircofiber (run of the mill from Lowes or something), it leaves horrible streaks. We actually have to hand wash and immediately hand dry the floors to prevent this from happening. Talk about work! Are those unsightly streaks eliminated with use of an e-cloth mop? I'd sincerely appreciate your input! Thanks!!!

Marleen said...

Mama Lahr, the e-cloth mop has the potential to leave streaks. If you wring out the water enough it will not leave streaks especially if you go with the grain of your laminate. I say, 'potential' from experience with letting my kids use the mop.

I think the main difference with Norwex and e-cloth is that most if not all of Norwex stuff is anti-bacterial. E-cloth has only one anti-bacterial cloth and the mop is not one of them. The e-cloth does pick up bacteria though.

Hope that answers your question. Good luck!

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