Sunday, May 9, 2010

Product Review: Natural Hair Color Line, Palette by Nature

Did you know I am a cosmetologist by profession?

It seems like an odd fit for me now since I am eliminating as many toxins, chemicals, and synthetics as possible in my life. I still enjoy beautifying though, as well as having my own hair looking good. Thus, the hunt for a natural or, Heaven permit, a completely organic line of hair color.

I started by researching online what natural hair color companies are offering right now. Here are some of the color lines I checked out: Herbatint, Mastey Tienture, Light Mountain Natural, Naturcolor, Palette by Nature

I eliminated the color lines using henna. Mostly because they would pull too warm and didn't want to have to deal with the aftermath if I didn't like the color. Red is the hardest color to get out of the hair.

Then I looked through the ingredient lists and tried to find the color line that had the least amount of toxins, chemicals, and had the most amount of natural/organic ingredients. I felt like Palette by Nature would be a good fit, this line has no PPD, Amines, Ammonia, Peroxide, Resorcinol, Parabens, Phthalates, GMO, Gluten, Nano, Encapsulates, Animal Testing, Petroleum Based Ingredients, Dioxanes, PVC, EDTA. It does have 50+% organic ingredients and most everything else is natural. Sounds great doesn't it?

So, I got some of their color in my shade and tried it out. Here are the results:

If you can tell in the picture, it just barely covered my grey hair. You can notice it more to the back of my part. I don't have much grey to cover but what I do have didn't get full coverage. Also, notice what the arrow is pointing to . . . my scalp, my black scalp. The color completely colored any and all dry skin on my scalp. Everyone has dry scalp. Some more than others but everyone has it. This was not good. It would not come off. After about a week I asked my hairstylist to do a scalp treatment on me to scrap it off and that did the trick.

The color itself was not all that bad but the amount of color it provided in the box for one application was not enough to cover my hair root to ends. Now, I do have longer hair but, as a hairstylist I expect enough hair color product to cover chin length hair root to ends in one application. That was not provided in this case.

Something else to note, when I would use any heat on my hair, like when styling, the color would end up on my hands and neckline. Hence, the picture shown below of the color coming off onto my hands. To get rid of this problem I did what the instuctions told me to do in case the color went too dark. It said to use lemon juice and water in equal parts and work into the hair. I did this routine several times and it helped, big time, to keep the color from getting onto me while styling.

To conclude, I was really hoping that this would be it. That this would be the hair color for me because it at first fit the bill so well but, nevertheless, I will not be using Palette by Nature most likely ever again. It was too unpredictable and had too many headaches (colored scalp problem, color releasing when heated) that came with it.

My next natural hair color line to test out will be Organic Color Systems. Their color seems promising but it does have less than 2% of PPD in it. I was hoping to find a color line completely without any toxins or chemicals in it. We shall see though . . .

Wish me luck! And, if you have found luck elsewhere and would like to share leave a comment!


Victoria said...

You are going to love Organic Color Systems. We have been using it for 2 years and our client's love it. The product has single handedly saved my salon, improved my health, and made me feel better about being a hairdresser. I am looking forward to your review!

Thank you so much for all the valuable information on your blog. I read it regularly and love it. You have some great insight into health and add a unique perspective in your posts.

Liz said...

Can you please do a post on natural nail polish?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all of your information. What may seem as unpleasant results for you from this hair color system, may be a godsend to all of us ladies who are allergic to PPD ( it is a large # of people & growing...). In my personal situation this will be my only option to cover my gray ( hair color wise) & some coverage is better then none. I went into anaphlactic shock from using a popular root touch up kit, even after 2 negative patch tests & about a year of prior use. Yes, I am glad I am still alive & I try to keep perspective when I look into the mirrror and see an "old lady" looking back at me. I just found this PPD free hair color while doing a google search ( I thought I would have to travel to one of the countries that ban PPD in order to buy some,) but I am still frightened to try it. Your in- depth comments on your first hand usage does help me- however, there is no guarantee that I was allergic to the PPD - so I am still anxious to try it. Since PPD is the usual allergen, that is what Dr.'s have told to avoid. If it is another component in the product, I still think that Pallette by Nature is as chemical free of a solution that I will currently find - at least it is something to offer me some future hope. Please keep PPD allergy ind.'s in mind in case you come across any other options - thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried Palette by Nature twice, first 8N Med. Natural Blonde: It turn my light brown hair to black and SOME of the gray into a tinted yellowish gray! Because I am desperate for an All Natural hair color, I tried it again after a month this time I went darker to 6N Light Brown. It turned my hair dark black and the gray to charcoal gray! The worst part is it stains scalp black! And it colors hair un-even, some areas are black some are darker. Can't wait for it to wash off. It looks so un-natural!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say that I did the roots twice since Palette by Nature says it might take two applications to cover gray. Still gray didn't get covered except with an ash gray color! Really Palette by Nature is a big lie. Since I tried a light color 8N and a darker color 6N and in both cases it didn't work. Washing it is so so messy and it does stain pillow, towel, hands...

mary lou said...

pallete by nature is GARBAGE. its a scam. I have only 10% gray hairs and i used an entire bottle. I even bought a bonnet to use with my blowdryer. i blow dryed the pallete by nature dye on my head for 45 minutes on high. My head felt like it was on fire because of the heat. I thought it would come out great but none of the hair got colored in. by the way the hair dye is perfect for dying the skin but not the hair. I had to use the special cleanser they gave to remove the dye from my skin and it really stinged and irritated my skin. this product is terrible. A week later i colored with revlon and all 100% gray covered in 25 minutes. i bought revlon for $2.99. pallete by nature is a scam, they play on your fear of cancer to sell you a product that does not work. please save your self the trouble and be realistic. look at their returns policy. it speaks louder than any comment. they themselves don’t believe in their product because there is no 100 % satisfaction guarantee. also they charge restocking fee. Please understand that this product is bad, horrible, terrible, scam, fake, misleading, and waste of time. I hope you will not be their next victim. I sure was but wanted to take the time to say that i’m so sorry I doubted ANNA @ Green Talk. I read her review and thought maybe my outcome would be different since I have only 10% gray but it was terrible. Please don’t fall for their trap.

Kris said...

Palette by Nature...Personal Review
I don’ t agree with or dispute any claims made in this article/blog. But I’m hoping my comments might help others who find themselves like me severely allergic to dyes and perfumes. This allergy diagnosis literally changed my life a few years ago not only in the products I used on my hair and body but also the products I used for laundry, foods containing dyes I could no longer eat or in high moderation etc. Now to my hair….I went completely grey, nearly white in my mid to late twenties and had chemically colored my hair on a regular basis since then at age 50. Unfortunately, I had to completely, cold turkey, stop because of what the allergy was doing to my skin. While my inner person never changed my outer person and my thoughts of my personal appearance changed dramatically. I hated how I looked and I felt like I was 70 instead of 50. Palette by Nature has totally saved me and how I felt about myself. I started with one color and it wasn’t quite the color I wanted to then purchased two different colors and mix them together to achieve the color I want. I have a friend who is a cosmetologist so I take the product to her and she applies and I set under her dryer to activate the color. If I didn’t have this option I would most definitely purchase a bonnet dryer and still do it myself.
Now, here are a couple of tricks we’ve learned along the way:
1) Sit under the dryer for about 15-20 minutes to activate the coloring process. Turn the dryer off for about 10 minutes to let the color set and the product cool down. Finally turn the dryer back on for another 15-20 minutes to activate the color a second time.
2) Rinse out the product. DO NOT use the cleanser product that comes in the box as I have found that it rinses away too much of the color. Use a SMALL amount of shampoo (theirs or brand of your choosing) to finish rinsing the product out.
With those two tricks I have found that this product while no does not last as long as the traditional chemical coloring products will last about 6 weeks. One thing I really like is that the color fades away rather than grows away as the chemical coloring products do so I don’t experience that regrowth color line at the roots so much.
Thanks for letting me give you my thoughts and as I said I hope that this will only help someone else in my same situation or someone looking for an alternative to chemical hair colors.

Marleen said...

Kris, thank you for your thoughts. I am confident that will definitely help others when trying to find a non-toxic option. I'm glad it worked for you!

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